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Research-Based Education & Consulting came about because of a need to address an important issue in a different way. Most suicide prevention strategies are reactionary. They are based on implementing a plan of action to save people who have exhibited suicidal tendencies or presented information which hints at becoming suicidal. These means and interventions are very necessary and save lives. Thus, the RBEC approach is a method to compliment these methods, and also attempt to reduce their necessity by empowering people to reverse course, and not become suicidal in the first place. This new technique is a combination of multiple psychological and behavioral theories and practices, including emotional intelligence, positivie psychology, resilience, cognitive theory, behavioral theory, learning theory, interpersonal psychological theory of suicide, and others.


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Charlson Gaines

Charlson Gaines has a unique set of skills, experience and education. He retired from the U.S. Air Force after 20 years. During his career in uniform, he had multiple assisgnments and deployments, including stints in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kosovo, Korea, Italy, Germany, England, and throughout the United States. He fulfilled duties as a First Sergeant, Superintendent and Sexual Assault Victim Advocate. Mr. Gaines earned his Master’s Degree in Project Management and Master’s Degree in Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine. He is also a certified Cognitive-Behavioral Life Coach and 1st Degree Black Belt in the traditional Korean martial art Kuk Sool Won. He has developed courses and training for numerour topics and audiences over the years, including presentations delivered to the Secretary of Defense. He also taught at the U.S. Air Force Sexual Assault Response Coordinator course at Air University.



Northcentral University
Ph.D. Candidate, Health Psychology, 2019

Keller Graduate School of Management

Master of Project Management, 2017

Northcentral University
Master of Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine, 2010

Activities & Affiliations

• Violence Prevention Integrator
• Suicide Prevention Program Manager
• Master Resilience Trainer